Using Microsoft Word 2019, Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016, or Microsoft PowerPoint 2016? Get straight to the stuff and cut the fluff with these concise, relevant guides that include a tear-out QUICK REFERENCE for easy access to instructions for the most used actions.

Each book contains step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and tables detailing commands and features to get you immediately on track to making the most impact.


Microsoft Word 2019 In 90 Pages   $6.95/$5.95
ISBN 978-0-9986844-4-4

Microsoft Word 2016 In 90 Pages   $6.95/$5.95
ISBN 978-0-9916657-8-5

Microsoft Excel 2016 In 90 Pages   $8.95/$7.95
ISBN 978-0-9986844-0-6

Microsoft PowerPoint In 90 Pages   $6.95/$5.95
ISBN 978-0-9986844-2-0