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A great reference book. The size is perfect to keep beside my computer at work and at home. Have found that I am able to use Word for more than what I was using it for. Very organized, logical order, and well written. Not a thick book that is overwhelming.

Pretty basic, but it presents the information in a much clearer fashion—both in terms of layout and language—than most of the Excel 2016 books available from Kindle Unlimited. Also, Brown addresses some of the aspects of working with Excel that many authors (who are focused more on HOW-to than WHY-to and WHEN-to) tend to ignore; as with computer programming, best practices for designing a spreadsheet involve thinking about your needs and use cases BEFORE you start working.

What a great resource to learn Word! I have used Word for quite some time and this book is an added resource of tips I didn’t even know existed.

User friendly, easy to digest. A great resource with to the point information. Well done.

Got this because I’m having trouble with mail merge from a huge Excel sheet. It’s easy to read, clear and tells me what I need to do.

No filling fluff just good information.

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