Using An Excel Spreadsheet for Mail Merge

Microsoft Word 2019 in 90 Pages Chapter 6 explains how to create a mail merge list in Word. In this post, you will learn how to use an Excel spreadsheet for mail merge. The Microsoft Word mail merge is a powerful feature for generating personalized documents. For example, I decided to create a campaign to … Continue reading Using An Excel Spreadsheet for Mail Merge

Choosing Keywords

Keywords are those all important phrases used in a search. For the sake of this post, the discussion will focus on an online search, as opposed to a local database query, and more specifically, an Amazon search, as opposed to a general search engine query. Why the interest in keywords? Because they help determine a book's discoverability. If you've … Continue reading Choosing Keywords

A Guide to Self-Publishing

I've taken a break from my next work of fiction to write A Guide to Self-Publishing for CreateSpace On-Demand and Kindle eBook. I've drawn from my 17 years of experience as Director of Development for an educational publisher, my teaching experience, my own self-publishing experience, and my general need for a book that I can refer to … Continue reading A Guide to Self-Publishing