Choosing Keywords

Keywords are those all important phrases used in a search. For the sake of this post, the discussion will focus on an online search, as opposed to a local database query, and more specifically, an Amazon search, as opposed to a general search engine query. Why the interest in keywords? Because they help determine a book's discoverability. If you've … Continue reading Choosing Keywords

Why I Gave Away Nearly 900 Copies of THREADS

I recently did a KDP Select Free Book Promotion for my novel THREADS. Readers downloaded nearly 900 Kindle copies! What an exciting five days. At one point THREADS reached #1 in free books for time travel. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of this promotion. I've read much on the debate to give away or … Continue reading Why I Gave Away Nearly 900 Copies of THREADS

To Self Publish

The decision to self-publish now seems obvious. However, with all the debate over how to successfully publish and market a book, it was really a very difficult decision to come to. On the one hand, there is and all its heft. Amazon and their eBook format is a relatively straight forward way to publish a … Continue reading To Self Publish