Why I Gave Away Nearly 900 Copies of THREADS

I recently did a KDP Select Free Book Promotion for my novel THREADS. Readers downloaded nearly 900 Kindle copies! What an exciting five days. At one point THREADS reached #1 in free books for time travel. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of this promotion. I've read much on the debate to give away or … Continue reading Why I Gave Away Nearly 900 Copies of THREADS

THREADS Now in Softcover

Just a quick post to say that THREADS is now in softcover and available on Amazon. The CreateSpace experience was a good one. The Proof copy looks amazing and I am very pleased with the paper and cover quality of their on-demand work. The colors and fonts came through with no problem and their online, … Continue reading THREADS Now in Softcover

To Self Publish

The decision to self-publish now seems obvious. However, with all the debate over how to successfully publish and market a book, it was really a very difficult decision to come to. On the one hand, there is Amazon.com and all its heft. Amazon and their eBook format is a relatively straight forward way to publish a … Continue reading To Self Publish


THREADS was featured in an article in the Butler Eagle today (Butler, PA). It was a great press release! Visit  to see the online edition (you must have a subscription). I'm so excited. Another big announcement. . .Threads will be available this summer in softcover. It will be published by Belleyre Books and offered through Amazon.com … Continue reading THREADS News

The Natural Philosophy of Time

First, an update on Threads. I'm hearing from readers who have recently finished the book. So far, so good. As expected, they have been very surprised by the last several chapters that tie things together and add a twist. Yay! In case you haven't been enticed to read Threads because of the eBook format, please … Continue reading The Natural Philosophy of Time

Threads Winner

Congratulations to Kathy Hamilton for being the first person to correctly answer all the contest questions and receive a free copy of Threads. Happy reading Kathy! As I said in my last post. the novel Threads uses several names from literature (author, characters), science, and even the movies. Here are the answers to the questions … Continue reading Threads Winner

Threads by Beth Brown

After a very long hiatus, I am excited to get back to the Belleyre Books blog. And with very good reason -- I have finished my first work of fiction. After many years of writing textbooks for computer science and computer applications, I am thrilled to achieve my dream of writing a novel. Writing a novel … Continue reading Threads by Beth Brown