Title: A Guide to Self-Publishing for CreateSpace On-Demand
and Kindle eBook

Release date: December 16, 2014, 128 pp
Last Updated: December 16, 2014

A Guide to Self-Publishing for CreateSpace On-Demand and Kindle eBook is the definitive text for developing the entrepreneurial skill of self-publishing. A start to finish guide for establishing yourself as a published author, this text introduces developing an author platform, creating content using Microsoft Word, understanding the elements of good book design, cover creation, on-demand and eBook publishing, and post-publication marketing techniques. Also available is A Guide to Self-Publishing Workbook keyed to the text.

Guide Front CoverAmazon

About the Cover
Johannes Gutenberg, a German inventor, introduced the first printing press in the 1450s. Key to this new printing press was Gutenberg’s invention of movable type that could be easily produced, moved around, and reused, allowing for economical mass production of printed books, pamphlets, and other information. Making affordable printed materials available to the masses forever changed the way society interacted. Literacy was no longer for only the very wealthy, and life as many knew it was revolutionized. Today, with eBook formats and on-demand printing, the masses are again lifted to a new level with affordable self-publishing. The front cover features a line art rendering of the Gutenberg Press. The cover font is Bohemian typewriter.

Table of Contents
The Front Cover
Why Self-Publish?
How to Use This Book
About the Author
Chapter 1 Developing Your Author Platform
1.1        Determining Your Target Audience
1.2        Making Your Presence Known: Social Media
1.3        Getting Organized for Social Media
1.4        Liking Facebook
1.5        Twitter and Tweets
1.6        Visualizing with Pinterest
1.7        Connecting in LinkedIn
1.8        A Word about Goodreads
1.9        Websites and Blogging
1.10      Managing Social Media
Chapter 2 The Book
2.1        What is Genre and Why Does It Matter?
2.2        Trim Size and Word Count
2.3        Book Layout in Word
2.4        Understanding Fonts
2.5        Using Styles
2.6        Writing in Word
2.7        Incorporating Images
2.8        Finishing the Content and Editing
2.9        Copyright and ISBN
2.10      Front Matter and End Matter
2.11      The Table of Contents and Index
Chapter 3 The Cover
3.1        Cover Elements
3.2        The Back Cover Text
3.3        Creating a Cover for CreateSpace
3.4        Creating a Cover for Kindle
3.5        Working with a Designer
Chapter 4 CreateSpace Publishing
4.1        Print Features: Hyphenation
4.2       Print Features: Pagination
4.3       Print Features: Table of Contents
4.4       Print Features: Headers and Footers
4.5       Print Features: Index
4.6       Starting a CreateSpace Project
4.7       Completing the CreateSpace Cover
4.8       Uploading the Interior
4.9       Proofing
4.10     Distribution, Pricing, and Description
4.11     Creating a Kindle eBook from the Print Book
Chapter 5 Kindle Publishing
5.1        Built-In Kindle Features
5.2        eBook Features: Table of Contents
5.3        eBook Features: Bookmarks
5.4        eBook Features: Hyperlinks
5.5        Starting a Kindle Project
5.6        Completing the Kindle Cover
5.7        Uploading the Content
5.8        Previewing
5.9        Publishing, Pricing, and Royalty
Chapter 6 The Book Launch
6.1        The Amazon Author Page
6.2        Revisiting Social Media
6.3        KDP Select Promotions
6.4        eStore Direct Sales
6.5        Book Tours and Signings
6.6        Reviews and Press Releases

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The Guide to Self-Publishing Workbook extends the concepts presented in the text and provides a framework for the author to manage a self-publishing project. Additional material in the Workbook explains HTML descriptions for CreateSpace and eBook and how to edit Filtered HTML to properly display numbered and bulleted lists for the Kindle eBook format. More on fonts and social media is also included.

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