Microsoft Excel 2016 Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel 2016 In 90 Pages will be released in a few days! So excited to be adding the next book to the In 90 Pages series. Look for Excel companion videos to be added to the Belleyre Books YouTube channel as well. Whether you're a beginner or a power user, you'll find Microsoft Excel … Continue reading Microsoft Excel 2016 Shortcuts

Celebrate Pi

Today is 3/14. Happy Pi day! Pi (π) is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. This ratio is always the same, for every circle of every size. And it has an infinite number of decimal places. π is used for calculations involving diameter, volumes of cylinders, the double helix of DNA, waves, ripples, … Continue reading Celebrate Pi

Cut the Fluff, Get to the Stuff

The title of my post refers to the basic concept behind the In 90 Pages books. I've been teaching, lecturing, promoting, and using Microsoft Office since 1995 (Office 95, aka Office 7). I've written many textbooks more than 400 pages in length, and they served their purpose. But now I'm meeting more and more students who haven't … Continue reading Cut the Fluff, Get to the Stuff