Microsoft Updates to Word 2016

Several notable improvements to Word 2016 are available through recent updates for subscription based users. Updates include: Grammar & Style proofing option Improved spelling checker Writing style suggestions A new way to view documents: side to side Improved picture background removal Grammar checker, writing style, and spelling checker improvements come by way of a digital writing assistant … Continue reading Microsoft Updates to Word 2016

Use Word 2016 to Create Your Resume

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Longer days, warmer weather, and flowers blossoming. Even more exciting for many is the anticipation of receiving the long-awaited college degree, diploma, certificate, or one of the many other forms of recognition from hard work, dedication, and focus on higher education. With this accomplishment comes the prospect of … Continue reading Use Word 2016 to Create Your Resume

Cut the Fluff, Get to the Stuff

The title of my post refers to the basic concept behind the In 90 Pages books. I've been teaching, lecturing, promoting, and using Microsoft Office since 1995 (Office 95, aka Office 7). I've written many textbooks more than 400 pages in length, and they served their purpose. But now I'm meeting more and more students who haven't … Continue reading Cut the Fluff, Get to the Stuff