The Easy Way to Use Word 2016

Using Word 2016? Perhaps you've watched videos to learn how to set tab stops, create tables, and format a Word document. Maybe you've even taken a class where you muddled through the 1,000+ page textbook. You've mastered the skills and now you're ready to apply your knowledge. But, wait. You're scratching your head and looking at … Continue reading The Easy Way to Use Word 2016

Dorothy Parker

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Dorothy Parker through a private collection that is being put up for sale. Parker (1893 - 1967) came to fame in the 1920s writing book reviews, poetry, and short fiction for The New Yorker. She is known for her sharp wit and had previously worked for Vogue and … Continue reading Dorothy Parker

Celebrate Pi

Pi (π) is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. This ratio is always the same, for every circle of every size. And it has an infinite number of decimal places. π is used for calculations involving diameter, volumes of cylinders, the double helix of DNA, waves, ripples, and spectra, the pupil of the … Continue reading Celebrate Pi

Johannes Gutenberg

The cover for A Guide to Self-Publishing for CreateSpace On-Demand and Kindle eBook features a lines art rendering of the Gutenberg Press. The idea of using such an image came to mind as soon as I began contemplating the cover design for my upcoming book. I sought to relay a message of inventiveness of sorts because A Guide to … Continue reading Johannes Gutenberg

Some Interesting New Stats About the Publishing World

"...The rosy dawn of self-publishing is over – it’s now a serious business and we are in competition with traditional industry professionals who won’t necessarily play fair. They see themselves as the legitimate land-owners and ourselves as the barbarian hordes." Check out the full post at The Passive Voice.

The Jadeite Cat

NASA is accepting applications from companies that want to mine the moon ( Moon mining consists of extracting minerals, helium 3 (rare on Earth but great for the production of cleaner energy), and other rare earth elements, especially those used for electronics. Similarly, there is general interest in space mining--extracting minerals from asteroids and space rocks. I came across … Continue reading The Jadeite Cat

THREADS Now in Softcover

Just a quick post to say that THREADS is now in softcover and available on Amazon. The CreateSpace experience was a good one. The Proof copy looks amazing and I am very pleased with the paper and cover quality of their on-demand work. The colors and fonts came through with no problem and their online, … Continue reading THREADS Now in Softcover