Threads by Beth Brown

After a very long hiatus, I am excited to get back to the Belleyre Books blog. And with very good reason — I have finished my first work of fiction. After many years of writing textbooks for computer science and computer applications, I am thrilled to achieve my dream of writing a novel.

Writing a novel has been a learning experience, a very long learning experience, and one that I have determined will be an evolving, lifelong learning process. Tackling the mechanics of writing a novel was one hurdle. More difficult was developing the discipline of practicing (lots and lots of writing everyday) in order to uncover some sort of style (a thing that will evolve as well) and the challenging process of taking an image in one’s head and converting it to words. Very humbling.

Threads is a story that I hope will entertain and captivate. Nothing to do with a needle and thread, the title refers to parallel timelines called threads. The name is derived from a programming concept called a thread, which is a separate path of execution within a computer program. A program can have multiple threads that together implement an application’s overall behavior. Now, think of “a separate path of execution” as a visit to a parallel timeline. And think of “a computer program” as a person. And lastly, think of an “application’s overall behavior” as the combining of all the threads to produce the outcome of a person’s life. And there you have it (well, sort of…). Threads is about fourteen-year-old Ellis who uses the device her now missing parents invented to visit parallel timelines (threads) in her quest to find them. In the novel, computer programming isn’t even mentioned, and as “scientiffy” as it may sound, it really isn’t. The story popped into my head and sort of possessed a spot on my brain until I found a way to put it into words. Threads, like many novels classified in the young adult genre, has far reaching appeal. It will touch the adults as well as the young adults who read it.

As an aside, Harper is the fictional town where Threads takes place. However, those of you familiar with Butler, Pennsylvania may recognize the inspiration behind some of Harper’s restaurants and buildings.

Of course Belleyre Books, the online bookstore, remains open. And this blog will continue to discuss recent finds, and in general, every post will discuss a book or some other publication. Over the next several weeks, I look forward to blogging about the many books and publications that influenced the telling of Threads.

Threads will be published as a Kindle eBook (Amazon) within the next few days. You can be sure that I will let everyone know when it’s available. You may also visit my Amazon author page at Check back soon. I’ll be running a fun contest with the winner(s) receiving a free copy of Threads!

Read the full description of Threads on the Threads page.

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