Threads Winner

Congratulations to Kathy Hamilton for being the first person to correctly answer all the contest questions and receive a free copy of Threads. Happy reading Kathy!

As I said in my last post. the novel Threads uses several names from literature (author, characters), science, and even the movies. Here are the answers to the questions from the contest (Kathy Hamilton’s answers are in the comments):

1. Connor, as in Connor Glass (movies). John Connor is the character from The Terminator series of movies. He determines his own fate when he sends his unknowing father back in time to protect his mother so that he may be born and eventually lead humankind against the machines.

2. Bennet, as in Ms. Bennet the English teacher (literature and movies). Elizabeth Bennet is the protagonist of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She is intelligent with a playful disposition and looks beyond the current social behaviors to more admirable qualities.

3. Neumann, as in Mr. Neumann and Tori Neumann (science). John von Neumann was a Hungarian-American mathematician and physicist. He made numerous contributions in the fields of math, science, computer science, economics, and statistics. He had a photographic memory and an extraordinary intellect.

4. Hubbel, as in Hubbel’s Department Store (science). The Hubble Space Telescope uses ultralow expansion glass sandwiching a honeycomb lattice to reduce the overall weight of the lens. It has produced the most detailed images ever to give a view into deep space and time.

5. Harper, as in the town where Threads takes place (literature). Harper Lee is the author of the Pulitzer Prize Winning To Kill a Mockingbird. Her work deals with the issues of racism and is unfortunately the only novel she cared to publish.

6. Dockleaf, as in Ms. Dockleaf the World History teacher (canine history). The Bulldog Club (England 1878) wrote the first standard of perfection for the breed. In 1894 Dockleaf was considered one of the two top bulldogs.

7. Beatrix, as in Bea a student in World History class (literature). Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many other animal-related tales.

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