THREADS was featured in an article in the Butler Eagle today (Butler, PA). It was a great press release! Visit to see the online edition (you must have a subscription). I’m so excited.

Another big announcement. . .Threads will be available this summer in softcover. It will be published by Belleyre Books and offered through initially with expansion to bookstores and as quickly as possible thereafter. And I’m planning to do at least one book signing this summer. I’ll keep you posted!

A third announcement. . .THREADS is on a Kindle Countdown Deal for the next 5 days. Today, the eBook is priced at $2.99, tomorrow it will go up to $3.99, and so on until its back at the original price. It’s a great deal and a great time to gift a copy, if you’re thinking of doing that.

I really enjoy seeing THREADS getting out there to readers. I’d love to hear any and every type of feedback. My goal is to provide an enjoyable, entertaining read and to grow and learn from the experience. Thanks to all you readers! The next book is on its way. . . .

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