The In 90 Pages series is complete! Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 In 90 Pages is now available on Amazon in both print and ebook format. What a fun book to write. There are more features than I could ever imagine, but as I point out on more than one occasion in the book, all the bells and whistles in the world won’t be enough to shore up weak content. With that said, the cool Morph transition and action objects certainly make for an attention-grabbing slide show.

PowerPoint was a bit like unravelling a mystery at times. Like when I tried to set the audio to play over a select number of slides. It seemed rather unintuitive to have to use the Animations pane, but the option was tucked away in the Effect Options for the audio object.

I am a fan of transparencies for text boxes, as in the following image:

I also like to be able to give photos and graphics a transparency. This is possible by adding the image to a textbox and then using the Format Shape task pane to set the transparency.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 In 90 Pages takes you through the production of a presentation from start to finish, from the first slide to delivering to a live audience or making a video. And like the other In 90 Pages books, it cuts the fluff and gets right to the stuff. A tear-out Quick Reference is included in the print edition (it’s also included in the ebook, but good luck tearing it out).

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