The Holidays are here, or at least the retail stores seem to think so. I personally like to treat the holidays like a special vacation where you spend lots of time planning so that the actual time away can be savored. Careful planning before the trip not only builds excitement for what’s ahead, but it allows everyone to have a relaxing break because the decision making is done. Which brings me to using a Planner….

My mother, sisters, and I plan out the things we want to accomplish and attend over the holiday season. Specifically, from Thanksgiving Eve to New Year’s Eve with an emphasis on a Merry Christmas in between. This year I decided to formalize our tradition with a paper planner that guides us through the planning. To make it easily accessible to family who are located up and down the east coast, I published it on

Thanksgiving Eve to New Year’s Eve with a Merry Christmas in Between turned out to be a concise (36 pages) calendar that covers 11/27/19 through 1/1/20. It’s easy to carry around because it’s light and about 9″ x 7″. Amazon won’t provide much of a Look inside for such a short book, so I created a video that shows the different page layouts and features below the Product Details on the page. Check it out! And I wish you a Very Happy Holiday Season!

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