The First Edition Library

Many collectibles were added to the bookshelves this week. Belleyre Books now offers an early edition Edgar Rice Burroughs title (Tarzan at the Earth’s Core), a collection of Zane Grey classics (some are first editions), and several volumes from The First Edition Library series.

The First Edition Library produced extraordinary reproductions of more than 100 classics. A FEL edition duplicates its corresponding original in every way, including weight, size, dust jacket, bindings, typefaces, title pages, and even the first edition points of issue (see the 9/10/11 New This Week). Unlike the originals, however, FEL books have a laid-in information card and each book is protected by a slipcase featuring the front cover artwork. In the 1990s, FEL ceased production and the rights to a number of FEL titles were purchased by The Easton Press, which has been selling leather-bound, 22kt gold stamped, collectible books from a wide range of topics for nearly thirty years. Easton added their own titles to the FEL collection for a while, but now appear to have stopped offering the reproductions altogether.

The FEL/Easton titles may not be the originals, but they are still valuable collectibles for the simple reason that they are yet another edition of a great classic. These reproductions make an interesting and beautiful addition to any bookshelf, offering that vintage look of their era and the sophistication of a slipcased volume. Belleyre Books currently offers “The Great Gatsby,” “The Wapshot Chronicle,” “Farewell, My Lovely,” “Tobacco Road,” and “Native Son.” All but the “The Great Gatsby” are still in their original shrink-wrap.

Have a great week!

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