Fancy Cookery

Today my daughter and I had great fun sorting through lots of old books. Her favorites are the cookbooks. She demonstrated her great eye for a valuable cookbook when she pointed out a 1948 signed first edition of “Antoinette Pope School Cookbook” by Antoinette and Francois Pope.

Before Julia Child, there was Antoinette Pope and her husband and business partner, Francois. Antoinette was Italian; Francois French. Chicago was their home. They began Antoinette Pope’s School of Fancy Cookery in 1930. Long before Julia’s “French Chef” cooking show in 1963, the Pope’s “Creative Cookery” began its run in 1951 and continued for 12 years.

This cookbook is wonderfully informative. Both the new cook and the experienced chef will appreciate its layout and its great array of recipes. Included are important facts regarding measurements, a great glossary of cooking terms, and information about wines and menus. Recipes are divided into chapters that range from Appetizers to Smorgasbord American Style. What I like most about each recipe chapter is the informative introduction. For example, the Vegetables chapter discusses techniques for preserving vitamins and nutritive value. The Yeast Breads chapter goes into the difference between compressed and dry yeast. True to their heritage, the Popes have also included a French and Italian Dishes chapter, as well as one of my favorites, French Pastries.

I’m getting hungry! Have a great week!

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