David McCullough

I came across a very nice signed edition of David McCullough’s “Truman” this week. Less than two weeks ago, I found an equally nice signed edition of “John Adams,” also by McCullough. These two volumes, sitting side by side, give the Belleyre shelves a very dignified look, as they should, when you consider the prestige merited the author. David McCullough, born and raised in Pittsburgh, enjoyed what he described as a marvelous childhood before attending Yale where he obtained a degree in English Literature.

McCullough’s early works cover topics such as the Johnstown flood, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Panama Canal. Later, he went on to write deeply influential works that include historical and biographical topics such as Truman, John Adams, and the American Revolution (1776). Not an ordinary author, McCullough received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2006. His work has also earned him two National Book Awards and two Pulitzer Prizes among many other awards and recognitions.

Belleyre Books currently has available two copies of “Truman,” two copies of “John Adams,” “The Johnstown Flood,” and “1776.”

Have a great week!

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