A Guide to Self-Publishing

I’ve taken a break from my next work of fiction to write A Guide to Self-Publishing for CreateSpace On-Demand and Kindle eBook. I’ve drawn from my 17 years of experience as Director of Development for an educational publisher, my teaching experience, my own self-publishing experience, and my general need for a book that I can refer to myself!

Guide Front Cover

A Guide is the definitive text for developing the entrepreneurial skill of self-publishing. A start to finish guide for establishing yourself as a published author, this text introduces developing an author platform, creating content using Microsoft Word, understanding the elements of good book design, cover creation, on-demand and eBook publishing, and post-publication marketing techniques. Also available is A Guide to Self-Publishing Workbook keyed to the text.

The table of contents and other information will be updated frequently. The goal of A Guide is to put together in one book the step-by-step instructions (with screen shots) for incorporating the elements of a professionally published book into a self-published book. A self-published book is about getting the message across, as with any publishing effort, and therefore shouldn’t fall short of reader’s expectations because of poor layout and design. Self-published does not, and should not, mean unprofessionally published.

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