Johannes Gutenberg

The cover for A Guide to Self-Publishing for CreateSpace On-Demand and Kindle eBook features a lines art rendering of the Gutenberg Press. The idea of using such an image came to mind as soon as I began contemplating the cover design for my upcoming book. I sought to relay a message of inventiveness of sorts because A Guide to Self-Publishing is about developing the entrepreneurial skill of self-publishing. So who better to represent such a book than the most influential entrepreneur of the printing world.

Guide Front Cover

Johannes Gutenberg, a German inventor, introduced the first printing press in the 1450s. Key to this new printing press was Gutenberg’s invention of movable type that could be easily produced, moved around, and reused, allowing for economical mass production of printed books, pamphlets, and other information. Making affordable printed materials available to the masses forever changed the way society interacted. Literacy was no longer for only the very wealthy, and life as many knew it was revolutionized. Today, with eBook formats and on-demand printing, the masses are again lifted to a new level with affordable self-publishing.

A Guide to Self-Publishing is a start to finish guide for establishing yourself as a published author, and describes in detail the process of creating a cover using Microsoft Word.

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