The Easy Way to Use Word 2016

Using Word 2016? Perhaps you’ve watched videos to learn how to set tab stops, create tables, and format a Word document. Maybe you’ve even taken a class where you muddled through the 1,000+ page textbook. You’ve mastered the skills and now you’re ready to apply your knowledge.

But, wait. You’re scratching your head and looking at the beautifully formatted document that’s ready to be distributed to the customer mailing list you’ve so carefully cultivated and now you can’t quite remember the steps for mail merge.


What do you do? Hop on YouTube and hope you hit it lucky with the right video that hopefully won’t require 20 minutes of your time? Or are you going to flip through that doorstopper of a textbook? There is another option… Flip to page 67 of your concise, convenient, 1/4″ thick copy of Microsoft Word 2016 In 90 Pages and follow the quick and easy step-by-step instructions (with helpful screenshots) to achieve your goal with time leftover to get a coffee.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

And just in case you are deep into the mail merge process, here’s a tip you may find helpful (it’s also on page 70 of Microsoft Word 2016 In 90 Pages):

Store Your Address in Word

Before you start the steps for printing envelopes or labels, you may want to store your return address in Word so that it can automatically be used during the merge process:

  1. Click File > Options > Advanced. A dialog box is displayed.
  2. Scroll to the General options and type your return address in the Mailing address box.
  3. Click OK.

Good luck!

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