School’s Out?

(This is an updated post from "School's In!" August 13, 2019.) Many parents and college students are now faced with homeschooling and distance learning. As unexpected as the disruption may be, the path to success is about being organized and efficient. Below are links to previous Belleyre Books school-related posts that may be useful as … Continue reading School’s Out?

Using An Excel Spreadsheet for Mail Merge

Microsoft Word 2019 in 90 Pages Chapter 6 explains how to create a mail merge list in Word. In this post, you will learn how to use an Excel spreadsheet for mail merge. The Microsoft Word mail merge is a powerful feature for generating personalized documents. For example, I decided to create a campaign to … Continue reading Using An Excel Spreadsheet for Mail Merge

The Easy Way to Use Word 2016

Using Word 2016? Perhaps you've watched videos to learn how to set tab stops, create tables, and format a Word document. Maybe you've even taken a class where you muddled through the 1,000+ page textbook. You've mastered the skills and now you're ready to apply your knowledge. But, wait. You're scratching your head and looking at … Continue reading The Easy Way to Use Word 2016