Great Reading

It is an absolutely beautiful fall day here in south Florida. Tropical Storm Nicole washed through on Wednesday and left us with some clean, crisp weather to enjoy. Hopefully it will persist through the weekend!

Great ReadingThis week has been a great week for finding great reads. A great read to me is a book that has a wide appeal, strikes a chord with every reader, and has a timeless quality. Even a book as diverse as “The Girl Who Played with Fire” may not fit the “timeless” category, but it certainly appeals to anyone who has ever rooted for the underdog.

“The Good Earth,” “The Red Tent,” and “Olive Kitteridge” start the list. “The Help” is a deeply moving novel that is nothing short of wonderous. Definitely an all-time favorite of mine. “The Girl Who Played with Fire,” a mystery with a very dark side, is intriguing and impossible to put down. If you’ve read “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” you probably already have this second book from the trilogy. For readers of the fascinating memoir “Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls, Belleyre Books has “Half Broke Horses,” the new true-life novel by Walls that tells the story of her larger than life grandmother. (Belleyre also has a copy of “Glass Castle.”) Next on the list is “The Corrections,” an Oprah’s Book Club selection by Jonathan Franzen. His new book, “Freedom,” is topping the best-seller list and has also been selected for Oprah’s Book Club. Finally, “The Book Thief,” a book I find hard to keep on the shelves, has just come in. Most of these great selections are in affordable, portable paperback. Please email me ( with questions or comments!

Have a great week!

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